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2 July 2020

The Science Behind A Rare Weather Event- A Heat Burst

Have you ever heard of a heat burst? If you have, you probably have not experienced one. These rare events are very localised and do not last long. I was lucky enough to experience one in Oklahoma City in the 1990’s but few meteorologists I know can say they were in one. An exception to the rule is my friend Richard “Heatwave” Berler. Richard is the Chief Meteorologist for KGNS …


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10 April 2015

Amazing Temperature Change Over The Mid-Atlantic Friday

Here are two maps showing the temperatures at 5 Am and 4 PM. Many areas saw a rise of over 34 degrees in just a few hours today. This rapid change in temperature was made possible by two things. Ocean and elevation. At sunrise a chilly easterly wind off the cold Atlantic (where water temps are only around 42 degrees) had pushed all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains …


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