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20 March 2017

Can You See The Equinox from Space? Yes!

The Equinox was at 10:29 GMT or 6:29 AM EDT this morning, and yes it is visible from space. The terminator between light and dark is exactly due north/south on the equinoxes, and you can see that this is indeed the case from the image above. The line will tilt to the right at exactly 23.5 degrees by the summer solstice.


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21 September 2015

The Equinox from Meteosat

The autumnal equinox is at 8:22 GMT or 4:22 am EDT on Wednesday. The two satellite images below from the European Meteosat show the sun angle on Earth from June 22 near the summer solstice and then today at the same time.  Notice the sun angle has changed dramatically, and the High Arctic is no longer seeing 24 hour daylight. Below is today at the same time.


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24 September 2012

Can You Tell The Date From Space? Yes!

Notice the Shadow in this image taken Saturday. It is due North/South,and this happens only on the equinoxes. In other words it must be either late September or late March. You can actually tell it is late September instead of March, by looking at the incredible amount of sea ice around Antarctica. It is late winter there, and Antarctica nearly doubles in size (if you count the ice) during the winter. The …


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