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7 September 2014

Who Really Declared War on Coal

Have you seen those slick adverts about clean coal on cable TV lately? They seem to have disappeared, but I may be just missing them. If you live in the UK, you won’t be seeing them on British TV, because they’ve been banned by regulators there as misleading, and that’s the kind way of putting it. Bald faced lie is IMHO more accurate. (Here in America, you can get away …


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22 October 2013

Hey China, How’s That Clean Coal Working Out For You!

It’s much worse on the ground of course. Check out this report from the BBC: I guess this Christmas might not be a good time to bring back the clean coal carolers. Also see this post. Something to remember the next time you see those slick adverts from the coal council on your fave cable news outlet… Here is another 500 meter resolution shot from Terra Sat.


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9 July 2013

“Clean Coal” is Literally Killing 500 Million China Residents

An incredible paper today in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS). The study indicates that the burning of coal in areas north fo the Huai River is causing a loss of 5.5 years of life expectancy for the 500 million residents who live there. Click the image above to read the paper in PNAS. It is NOT behind a pay-wall. Louise Watt in Huffington Post also has …


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7 October 2012

You Do Know That There is No Such Thing As Clean Coal, Right?

You cannot watch cable news for long without seeing a commercial by the coal industry touting clean coal, but clean coal is nothing more than an advertising slogan. To capture the CO2, and other dirty by products that result from burning coal, can theoretically be done but so far no one has figured out how to safely do it.  Furthermore, the process of burning it cleanly (then storing the CO2) nearly doubles the cost! Not to …


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