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18 March 2015

Why Dennis Mersereau at Gawker is Wrong About Fahrenheit Being A Better Temperature Scale

  I enjoy Dennis Mersereau’s pieces on Gawker, and I suspect his piece (touting the superiority of the OLD Fahrenheit scale) was covertly designed to get a thousand ugly comments from those of us who live metrically, and apparently it worked. Now, I suspect that most of Fahrenheit’s dwindling number of supporters are the type who have trouble remembering if 0.04 is 4 tenth’s or 4 hundredth’s, and are of the …


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31 May 2005

This Blog is Officially METRIC

One of these days I am going to do my whole weathercast in metric units. I can hear the howls now…. Yup, This blog is metric. By the time any Meteorology student graduates there are a few things he can recite in his sleep…The hydrostatic equation (don’t ask!) and metric units are among them. Some observations about Fahrenheit versus Celsius: One of the main tasks of the weather system we …


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