4 October 2019

Ed Hawkins “Climate Stripes” May be the Most Important Science Image so Far in This Century

Dr. Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading produced an image last year that made my jaw drop. It now has a name. Climate Stripes. Hawkins assigned colours to the Earth’s temperature since 1850, and it powerfully shows how the planet is warming. It’s rapidly becoming as well known as what may be the most important science image of the last century, Dr. Michael Mann’s famous hockey stick. The hockey …


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21 September 2019

Straight Talk From an Expert on Climate Change

This is why Katherine Hayhoe got the UN Champion of the Earth Award this month. She deserved it. This is how you communicate science. From her Twitter feed on August 23rd:   And the response when Dr. Hayhoe posts things like this: …and the truth of the matter is that those who claim it is not real are not basing their opinion on fact or evidence. It’s based on FEAR: …


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18 September 2019

Arctic Sea Ice Melt May be 2nd Lowest On Record

The summer melt of the Arctic sea ice is nearly done and the numbers are flirting with being the 2nd lowest on record. 2012  is the lowest and this year will not be as low but still at alarming levels. The real change is the loss of the multi ice that lasts from year to year. This “old” ice is nearly gone and you can see it disappear in this …


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16 September 2019

You Are About to See a Whole Lot About Climate Change On-line and On-Air and it is Long Overdue

Many on-air and online news outlets are going to do a lot of climate change coverage this week. This came out of a meeting I attended a few months back at Columbia University and it was sponsored in part by the Columbia Journalism Review. The press, especially TV news, has done a horrible job of covering climate change. Mainly by ignoring it. When they have covered it, the stories were …


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10 September 2019

NWS Director and Chief Science Officer at NOAA Back NWS Hurricane Tweet; Who Wrote NOAA Friday Statement??

In a (not really) surprising turn of events, Monday, the Director of the National Weather Service Louis Uccinelli and NOAA’s chief science officer publicly backed a tweet issued by the NWS office in Birmingham on Sept. 1st. That tweet (which was scientifically accurate) told residents that Hurricane Dorian would not be a threat to Alabama. It was posted after their phones melted with rumors that Alabama would be hit much …


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8 September 2019

American Meteorological Society & NWS Leadership Issue Statements Supporting NWS Employees/ WAPO- Forecasters Warned Not To Give Opinions on Forecast!

The American Meteorological Society tonight posted a statement supporting the NWS office that was criticized by an unsigned NOAA statement Friday night. (See here and here). In addition, an all-hands email was sent Saturday by NWS Director Uccellini and the Deputy Director/Executive Council. Note the sentence I highlighted in the email. Note the Washington Post is reporting tonight that top NOAA officials warned employees not to correct the President in …


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7 September 2019

Anger Among Public and Meteorologists after False Unsigned NOAA Statement

Last Sunday morning the forecasters at the NWS were giving a huge sigh of relief. It had been certain for at least two days that Hurricane Dorian would not be an issue there. The forecast cone from the NHC by midday Saturday continued to show Florida and areas up the Eastern Seaboard would be in the path of Dorian.  Then the phones started ringing off the hook and social media …


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6 September 2019

NOAA Issues False Statement About Alabama Hurricane Impacts

On Sunday the NWS in Birmingham put this tweet out: It was correct based on the guidance and on the public forecasts issued by the National Hurricane Center. Their forecast was actually nearly spot-on as well.  Tonight an unnamed person at NOAA issued this statement (below) Friday evening. This statement is false. The tweet from the NWS in Birmingham was correct. This is a dark day for NOAA. I have …


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28 August 2019

Some Climate Related Facts About the Big Trouble Brewing in The Caribbean

There is an old saying among forecasters that “There is almost always a hurricane on the Atlantic weather map on Labor Day.” Well, Dorian exploded into a hurricane this morning, and it now looks ever more likely there will be a major hurricane near the Florida Coast early Monday (Labor Day). A big hat tip to Katherine Hayhoe for this link about how climate change is impacting hurricanes.


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22 August 2019

This May be the Best Cloud Formation Picture Ever!

Don Burdick took a photo in Rehoboth Beach Tuesday afternoon that just may be the most stunning cloud image I’ve seen. This image makes a meteorologist’s jaw drop but Don’s partner, who works at NOAA in Washington, had to convince him that it really was one of the all-time great images of what is called a shelf cloud! What you are seeing is the shelf cloud from one storm (in …


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