11 August 2020

Disease Experts Are Now Getting The Climate Science Treatment

  I have to feel sorry for Dr. Anthony Fauci. He has received several death threats and had to hire security for his family. So have other disease experts and the simple reason is that their science conflicts with the political worldview of some politicians and their supporters. The science does not care about your political party, it cares about what you can test and what you can show. If …


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31 July 2020

Hurricane Isaias Will Be Wetter and Stronger Because of Climate Change

Hurricane Warnings were just posted for much of Central/South Florida, from the Kennedy Space Center southward to Boca Raton and it looks more and more likely that Isaias will track near the coastline as far north as Delaware. Make no mistake about it, the storm will be worse because of climate change in a myriad of ways. The storm surge and any coastal flooding will be higher because the sea …


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21 July 2020

It’s Time to Pay Attention to the Tropics

The NHC started advisories on Tropical Depression 7 in the mid-Atlantic this evening and there is an area of disturbed weather south of Florida as well. Sometimes, it seems like a switch flips and the Atlantic basin starts to bubble. The switch has flipped. In spite of some big outbreaks of dust a few weeks ago, the waters in the main development region (MDR) are well above average and any …


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2 July 2020

The Science Behind A Rare Weather Event- A Heat Burst

Have you ever heard of a heat burst? If you have, you probably have not experienced one. These rare events are very localised and do not last long. I was lucky enough to experience one in Oklahoma City in the 1990’s but few meteorologists I know can say they were in one. An exception to the rule is my friend Richard “Heatwave” Berler. Richard is the Chief Meteorologist for KGNS …


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15 June 2020

“Sharpie-Gate” Report says Two Top NOAA Officials Violated Scientific Integrity Guidelines

When NOAA leadership reprimanded the NWS office in Birmingham over a social media post, there was outrage among both government and private sector meteorologists. The reason, of course, it that the tweet was accurate even though it conflicted with a statement by the President. The NWS office had no knowledge of that statement, but without scientific doubt, the NWS office was correct. A NOAA report today found that this was …


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29 May 2020

I Thought This Was a Joke. It Wasn’t

I saw this online last week and immediately assumed it was a joke from THE ONION. Unfortunately, it was not. The poll seems to be real, and it says a lot about our country. None of it good. Over a quarter of U.S. adults believe a silly conspiracy theory. Our polarisation is breaking not only along party lines, but those party lines seem to be breaking along scientifically literate lines. …


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7 May 2020

YouTube Conspiracy Theory Video Goes Viral. Here Is Some Hard Truth

   You can also get some more science from a group of virologists who produce a podcast called This Week in Virology. This is more for biology students and experts but there is great info here as well.


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1 May 2020

Have You Given Up Teaching Your Kids at Home? I Can Help!

Watch the video! Note: the image in the headline on the AGU Blogosphere page is of my friend Joe Witte. He’s right too, Science Works!


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5 April 2020

Questions about Covid19 and Virology? The Doctor is In!

The last straw this week was today’s  BBC story of conspiracy theorists setting fire to mobile phone towers. It seems they think the Covid19 virus is being caused by the upgrade to 5g mobile phone service. While I don’t there is any hope for these folks, if you’re convinced the Moon landing was real and that pro wrestling is a hoax, I think I can help with some reliable info …


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14 March 2020

What It’s Like to Nearly Die from Covid-19

There’s a very fascinating video below, but I want to give a pat on the back to the many science communicators in all fields who like me have tried to give good reliable science-based info on social media over the past two weeks. Particularly, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, past President of the AMS, who has done much to explain how to look critically at the information out there. Many people have …


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