21 September 2019

Straight Talk From an Expert on Climate Change

Posted by Dan Satterfield

This is why Katherine Hayhoe got the UN Champion of the Earth Award this month. She deserved it. This is how you communicate science.

From her Twitter feed on August 23rd:

The graph in the tweet above. Click the graph for the link in the tweet.


And the response when Dr. Hayhoe posts things like this:

…and the truth of the matter is that those who claim it is not real are not basing their opinion on fact or evidence. It’s based on FEAR:

Me and Dr. Hayhoe at a science conference a couple of years ago. She is an amazing communicator.

Science does not care how afraid you are to accept the truth. Nor does it care in the least how much it will inconvenience you or raise your tax bill. It is simply (as Richard Feynman put it) “what we do to keep from lying to ourselves.”