20 August 2019

Scientists Roast Heartland Twitter Post

Posted by Dan Satterfield

“Twitter is the only invention in human history that makes it possible to show the entire world your ignorance in two sentences.”- Me

The Heartland Institute got roasted by a lot of scientists on Twitter this past weekend, and it was well deserved. I wish they would do more of these because these tweets show how the denial of climate change has become the province of conspiracy theorists (and perhaps grey-haired men who just cannot stand Al Gore.)

The Heartland tweet and the responses to it tell the story, but I’ll add that while that tiny amount of CO2 in our atmosphere may not seem like much, it actually keeps the planet much warmer than it would otherwise be. At our distance from the sun, with just nitrogen and oxygen for an atmosphere, the Earth’s temp. would be about -18C or near zero F.

The oceans would freeze.

So Heartland, those three dots are very very important in controlling our planet’s temperature and we are dangerously fooling with the thermostat.

Note the DESTROY THE EARTH comment. No scientist has predicted that rising greenhouse gas levels will destroy the Earth. This is classic propaganda. Unfortunately for Heartland, they are not very good at it.


The responses and many are from well-known folks in science circles:

I think the one below sums it up perfectly: