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28 August 2019

Some Climate Related Facts About the Big Trouble Brewing in The Caribbean

There is an old saying among forecasters that “There is almost always a hurricane on the Atlantic weather map on Labor Day.” Well, Dorian exploded into a hurricane this morning, and it now looks ever more likely there will be a major hurricane near the Florida Coast early Monday (Labor Day). A big hat tip to Katherine Hayhoe for this link about how climate change is impacting hurricanes.


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22 August 2019

This May be the Best Cloud Formation Picture Ever!

Don Burdick took a photo in Rehoboth Beach Tuesday afternoon that just may be the most stunning cloud image I’ve seen. This image makes a meteorologist’s jaw drop but Don’s partner, who works at NOAA in Washington, had to convince him that it really was one of the all-time great images of what is called a shelf cloud! What you are seeing is the shelf cloud from one storm (in …


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20 August 2019

Scientists Roast Heartland Twitter Post

“Twitter is the only invention in human history that makes it possible to show the entire world your ignorance in two sentences.”- Me The Heartland Institute got roasted by a lot of scientists on Twitter this past weekend, and it was well deserved. I wish they would do more of these because these tweets show how the denial of climate change has become the province of conspiracy theorists (and perhaps …


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1 August 2019

New Research Confirms it: The 7 Day Forecast Will Never Become a 17 Day Forecast

    Despite the “horoscope” forecasts on Accuweather, most meteorologists will tell you that 7 days is about the extent of a reliable weather forecast. We can give you (at times, especially in the warm season) an idea of above or below normal out to maybe ten days but that is really pushing it. Beyond that, your best bet is to rely on the climatological averages (or add a degree …


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