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27 July 2019

New Research Confirms It: The Warming is Us

The leading climate myth going around these days (I see it a lot on social media)  is that the record global warmth is just part of a natural cycle. It’s been shown in many ways that this is not possible for quite some time, but some people (not the science community) have held onto the “Little Ice Age” as evidence that the warming planet is from only natural oscillations. New …


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20 July 2019

50 Years Ago Today

Where was I at 30 seconds past 4:17 PM EDT 50 years ago today? When the Eagle landed on the Moon I was in a car north of Tulsa in Oklahoma with my Great Grandmother. Annie Higgins was an amazing woman who as a girl walked to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) behind a covered wagon. She remembered reading in the paper of the Wright Bros. flight. She watched the news-reels …


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16 July 2019

A 1954 Weathercast

Today was our 65th anniversary at WBOC TV here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. During our anniversary special at 7 PM, I did the weather as it would have been done in 1954. No radar, no satellite, and the extended forecast? That was the day after tomorrow. Times have changed! I actually did the weather on a hand-drawn map for a couple of years at the start of my …


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6 July 2019

It’s Not Easy Finding The Shadow of the Moon

When the Moon blocks the sun during a solar eclipse, there isn’t a big difference between 70 and 90%, but the difference between 99 and 100% is jaw-dropping! It’s something you remember for the rest of your life. I’ve now seen it twice. My first was two years ago near the Wyoming/Nebraska border, and number two was this past Tuesday near La Serena in Chile. I traveled to Santiago to …


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