13 September 2018

Florence Update

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Here is an update on Hurricane Florence. It’s my 11 PM Weathercast Wednesday night on WBOC, here on the Delmarva/Eastern Shore of Maryland. I started with a comparison of the same storm in the 1960’s and how the water levels/storm surge would be different today.

Rainfall guidance over the next 84 hours is showing as much as 27 inches (68.6 CM) of rainfall in some areas with over 30 cm across a huge area of North and South Carolina. It’s not the wind that’s going to be the story here. It’s the water and the potential for severe flooding. Is this a bad time to remind the folks in North Carolina that 6 years ago their legislature outlawed any urban planning that considers sea level rise. I think they reversed it after a few weeks of ridicule, but if not Mother Nature is about to break the law.


Here is Charleston, SC. Note the increased rise after 2010.

Here is the latest rainfall forecast over the next 5 days from the NOAA Weather Prediction Center:

Now, the next 7 days: