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22 August 2018

This is How You Communicate Science

Two separate videos from two different climate experts. Katharine Hayhoe has the rare quality of being an excellent scientist and a great communicator. You should watch her Global Weirding videos on YouTube. (Teachers, these are great resources.) Dr. Hayhoe’s recent video about taking the politics out of energy is superb, and I urge you to share it. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Meteorologists like me who work on TV …


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16 August 2018

Smoke From Western Wildfires Reaches Europe

Some stunning images from the GOES-16 this afternoon. The western U.S. wildfire smoke is now visible over much of Canada and into the northeastern U.S. It’s also clearly visible all the way across the Atlantic to the coast of Portugal! Look at the imagery below: Another view courtesy of CIRA at Colorado State: Now, look at the smoke across the Atlantic. That land at the right edge of the image …


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7 August 2018

The Right Answer To The Wrong Question

You’re standing at the South Pole marker at Amundsen-Scott Station, and someone asks “which direction is the South Pole Telescope from here?”  “Go north!”, is a correct answer to the wrong question! Here is another wrong question: Did climate change cause the recent Europe-wide heat wave? Did climate change cause Death Valley to have the hottest month ever reliably recorded on Earth? How about the California fires that are still burning (and …


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