28 July 2018

The Science Video Facebook Did Not Want You To See

Posted by Dan Satterfield

One of the best science communicators I know is Dr Katharine Hayhoe who is a climate scientist at Texas Tech. There are some great videos on youtube of her talks, and she has done some great talks on PBS Digital under the banner Global Weirding. When they tried to post one of those videos to Facebook they got a real surprise. They decided to boost the post to reach more people, and Facebook said NO, it’s too political!

Really? So, Alex Jones (who says autistic kids are “faking it”.) is ok, but renewable energy is over the top and too political?

Question to Mark Zuckerberg: Are you and I living on the same planet?

I get it mr Zuckerberg, it’s your company and you can decide what gets shared, but a word of caution if I may. Making really bad decisions like this could eventually impact your bottom line, and laugh at me if you will, but it might even hurt your stock price.

Maybe if Katharine had claimed the Moon landing was faked and pro wrestling is real, she could have gotten the video boosted, but since she did not, here it is below.