26 April 2018

Important Science and Beautiful Pictures

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Near Kangerlussuaq in Greenland. Dan’s photo.

I’ve been to Greenland twice and it is truly an amazing place. There is also a LOT of climate research going on there and I want to share a couple of Twitter accounts you should follow. Yes, I know Twitter is full of conspiracy theory quacks, but I’ve found that if you block the crazies and follow smart people, you end up having ready access to any question from seismology to ancient ruins in India!

Tim Bartholomaus is in Ilulissat, and he is posting some incredible pics along with updates on the science he is doing. @IceSheetMike is there as well and is also worth following. For you students who are fascinated by the world and want to learn more about it, trust me, science can take you to some incredible places.