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30 April 2018

Tornado Causes Significant damage in Belgium. Another in Northern France

It snowed in Normandy today, but a strong cold front yesterday brought severe storms and supercells to Belgium and France. It’s very rare to have spring tornadoes in this area and rare anytime to have a tornado strong enough to do significant damage. England has had one of its warmest April’s on record, and though temperatures now have dropped back some, it’s still rather mild for early May.  So far the spring …


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26 April 2018

Important Science and Beautiful Pictures

I’ve been to Greenland twice and it is truly an amazing place. There is also a LOT of climate research going on there and I want to share a couple of Twitter accounts you should follow. Yes, I know Twitter is full of conspiracy theory quacks, but I’ve found that if you block the crazies and follow smart people, you end up having ready access to any question from seismology …


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19 April 2018

An April Sizzle in London

It was an April day to remember in old London. The UK Met office reported a temperature in St. James’s Park in central London today of 25.7° C. That is a very warm day for the UK in July or August and this was the hottest April day in London since 1949. Even in North Wales, at Gresford, the temperature reached  25° C (77°F). The reason for the heat is …


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16 April 2018

Notes From A Slow Motion Disaster

Assateague Nat. Seashore is one of the jewels of Maryland and I never tire of soaking in the beauty of this windswept barrier island at the edge of the continent. This past weekend I grabbed my camera and spent some time with the famous pony’s on the back side of the barrier island away from the beach. While doing so, I noticed something that few visitors would: climate change underway …


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7 April 2018

School Hours – Beyond Daylight Savings Time

Note: I recently wrote about the controversies that arise every time we change the clocks to and from summer time, and how setting a fixed year-round time always involves school start times. The very early school start times across the U.S. are a growing issue, and I heard from Lisa VanBuskirk right away about it. I invited her to write a guest post, and while it’s outside of my usual fare, …


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2 April 2018

Gavin Schmidt and Richard Alley’s Talk to a Full House at the Smithsonian

Anyone doing a presentation about Earth’s past climate has heard the same question. It goes something along the lines of: “How can you know what the weather was like ten thousand years ago? You weren’t there and neither was anyone else alive!” Here’s the thing though: How we know is really fascinating, and not knowing, doesn’t make it any less certain or true. Paleoclimate is my favorite subject of the many …


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