11 January 2018

Dr. Richard Alley’s Amazing Talk at the Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society is a Must Watch

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Image from AMS

I will also share soon the simply superb talk by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe at Texas Tech. I think she is one of the best science communicators in America.

I’ve been at the AMS Annual Meeting all week and as always it was an adventure in learning in so many ways. My highlight was seeing two good friends become Fellows of the Society. Those in the Detroit area are lucky to have Paul Gross (at  WDIV) and those in Columbia are lucky to have Jim Gandy (at WLTX). They are two of the finest broadcast meteorologists in the country. The thousands of research scientists, public and private meteorologists and science educators who make up the AMS think so too!

There were two big highlights at the conference and one of them I can show you now. Dr. Richard Alley’s talk at the Presidential Forum was the talk of the conference. I’ll do a separate post when I can share the other great session.

There are also a ton of sessions from the HUGE AGU meeting in December and I’ll be sharing some of those as well soon. The AGU Meeting is one of the biggest Earth Science meetings in the world every year. In short, there has been a lot of great science published, shared, and talked about in the last 4 weeks.

Now, take 56 minutes and watch Dr. Alley.

Then share it.