8 November 2017

Millions Along the Eastern Seaboard Will See Antares Launch Saturday

Posted by Dan Satterfield

From NASA/Orbital ATK.

From NASA/Orbital ATK.

The launch pads at Wallops are on the horizon at the far left of this picture from Assateague Seashore. (Dan’s photo).

The Antares rocket will launch from NASA Wallops Island at 7:37 AM Saturday to bring supplies to the International Space Station. The weather will be clear and cold across the entire NE U.S. and the launch should be visible all the way into New England and as far south as South Carolina’s beaches. The low sun angle should light up the vapor trail of the rocket as it climbs into orbit and it will be a beautiful sight! This is the second space station resupply mission launched from NASA Wallops. This NASA facility is just south of the Maryland border and also is the location of the antennas that receive the GOES satellite data. I can see the GOES-R dish clearly when I’m headed to the Assateague Seashore, and the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge, which are among my favorite photography spots, just an hour away from home!

NASA TV will carry the launch live Saturday morning.