20 September 2017

You, and Your Congressman REALLY Need to Read This

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Ask any meteorologist to name three of the top experts on hurricanes and you can bet that one of those names will be Kerry Emanuel at MIT. I rank him number one, and that’s why you really should read his essay in the Washington Post, you really should read it. You should also buy his book Divine Wind, which I believe ranks among the best popular science books ever written.

As another severe hurricane is about to lay waste to another Island in the Carribean, he points out a conversation we must have. And it must be based on science, not a mythical worldview someone wants to be true. We have a growing hurricane problem because of climate change, and horrible residential and business planning. When people in Kansas are paying for people to insure their beach homes in Florida, they are eventually going to put their foot down.

They would have already, but most have no idea their tax dollars are subsidising home insurance in very risky areas.

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