1 July 2017

Happy 150th Canada! Here is My Birthday Gift For You

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Happy Birthday Canada! Lake Louise in Banff NP.

I’ve been lucky enough to stand on all three of Canada’s coasts, from the Arctic shores of Nunavut to the rocky Pacific beaches of B.C., and the windswept beaches of Nova Scotia. I’ve stood on a deserted island in the High Arctic and watched the world go by under the midnight sun from a ship on the fabled north-west passage. In between, I’ve seen endless prairies, beautiful cities and majestic mountains covered in snow. Canada truly is an amazingly beautiful country and it’s full of welcoming people, and today it turns 150 years old.

So here is my poor gift to all of you in Canada. Some of my photographs of “the true north, strong and free”. I grant full use for any purpose to the Government du Canada. If you could use these in a tourist brochure, have at it. I grant non-commercial use to any other Canadian! It’s not much I know, but it is truly from the heart.You can click on the image and get the full size, full resolution for printing. Enjoy your celebrations and have a honey dip at Timmy Ho’s for me!

Checking out the view. Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Midnight Sun on the NW Passage near Resolute in Nunavut.

Climbing the ice waterfall. Banff National Park, Alberta.

Winter sunshine over Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Putting on the skates. Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

That’s me on a frozen lake in Jasper NP in Alberta.

Summer evening on Devon Island in the High Arctic of Nunavut.

Dusk in Victoria, BC. My wife and I stayed there on our honeymoon in 1983.

The basketball court at the top of the world. Baffin Island in the distance. Nunavut

Into the pack ice, near Grise Ford in Nunavut

Yoho National Park, in British Columbia.

A winter sky over the prairie in Alberta.