21 June 2017

Head of the American Meteorological Society To Secretary of Energy: You’re Dead Wrong on Climate.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

It’s the math. I’m quite sure that atmospheric scientists will be happy to explain this graphic to Secretary Perry. From the IPCC 2013.

There is just no doubt anymore that the warming of the last century is due to rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Yes, there are a ton of myths out there but no one who understands the basic science has any doubt. Even the latest surveys show that among those in the field the agreement is over 99%. So, when the Secretary of Energy goes on TV and says things that are preposterous, someone should correct him. Keith Seitter, the Exec. Director of the American Meteorological Society, has done just that.

His letter is below:

The question has to be asked: What does Mr Perry know that every major scientific body on Earth doesn’t??