29 March 2017

Don’t Like The Science- Make up Your Own Alternative Science

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Kudos to PBS Front Line for their story. Click the image to read it.

Make up your own science and then send it to 200,000 teachers.

This will turn out to be a real waste of money for Heartland, and the reason is that most Earth science teachers will toss this in the waste bin. That’s a good place for it, but before you do, you could use it to explain what real peer-reviewed science is compared to an opinion based on worldview. It’s also a good example of confirmation bias at work, not to mention how slick propaganda uses a little truth to lead you to believe something that is not true. The booklet has some real whoppers in it and the National Center for Science Education has a pretty good debunking of it here.

Parents should warn their kids as well, just in case this material gets used as real science in a classroom.