22 September 2016

This Photo Speaks Volumes and Gives Me Hope For A Better World

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The state of science literacy in America is frankly abysmal. Yes, I could write paragraphs about the chemtrail folks; those who think the world is 6,000 years old, and the 6% of the population who are convinced that the Moon landing was a hoax. Then I could start with the climate scientists I know who get death threats.
ndtmarqIt’s a photo of a theatre marquis, and the name in lights is not some huge movie star, nor is it advertising a blockbuster movie.
It’s an Astrophysicist! Not only that, but the theatre will sell out, and people will stand in lines to hear what he has to say.  (Seen on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter account and retweeted it.)
This image is an illustration of the rising power of those who celebrate fact and evidence. People who are enthralled by the wonder of nature’s greatest questions, and mankind’s greatest invention: scientific method.
So, if you are a fellow meteorologist (TV, NOAA, etc), save this image to look at when someone tells you the Farmer’s Almanac is more accurate than you are, or when one of the chem-trailers call you a “Sheeple” (for hiding the “truth”).
If you work in climate physics, then remember this picture when that lady in the grocery store (who never took high school physics) tells you that you are part of an international conspiracy, or you’re told it’s a Chinese plot to wreck our economy.

If you are Dr. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, take a look at this picture when some nut-ball tells you that you never stood on the Moon (and if you punch them in the nose anyway, try to get me on the jury…).

If you teach Biology in a high school classroom, I’d get a poster made of it, just to keep your sanity. Oh, and we have your back. (FYI: I’m nearly certain my Junior High  Biology teacher was fired for teaching evolution)

Lastly, to all of my fellow science communicators, this picture says we are making a difference, and we should study Dr. Tyson’s brilliant techniques of communication.

Forget “Sleepless in Seattle“, this is “Hopefulness in Seattle”.