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21 July 2016

The Gravity in Greenland is Dropping, No Really.

Check out this NASA movie showing the changes in sea level since 2002. Blue areas show rising oceans, and yellow/red show dropping sea levels. Watch the movie, and pay attention to the area near Greenland. So WHY is the sea level dropping around Greenland?? NASA has the answer. The Greenland ice sheet is melting, and therefore there is less mass. Less mass, means less gravity pulling the ocean water toward …


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NOAA Releases June Global Climate Data; 378th Consecutive Month Above Normal!

When science wants to find something out, they tend to work in independent teams to do it. If all teams get the same results, this increases the confidence that the science is good. The most famous case of this is the discovery that the Universe was not only expanding, but that the expansion was speeding up. When it comes to the global temperatures, there are 4 main groups. NASA GISS, …


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