3 June 2016

New Climate Spiral From Ed Hawkins

Posted by Dan Satterfield

A big hat tip to the folks at Climate Central for alerting me to this.

You likely saw the climate spiral courtesy of Ed Hawkins who is a climate scientist at the Univ. of Reading (UK). It melted the internet last month. Now he has made a new one showing how it will change for the rest of the century based on the latest most sophisticated models (which have done an amazing job of forecasting the changes we have seen). Finding a new way to display data is always worthwhile and this one is excellent.

First in case you missed the first one:


and the newest one from Ed.


In related news, the Union of Concerned Scientists joined NOAA in saying NO to climate denier and Texas (where else) Congressman Lamar Smith, when he demanded their “papers”. He is apparently on a quest to show that the claim the planet is getting warmer is all a giant conspiracy (to do exactlywhat no one outside his bubble can determine, but I hear the Chinese are involved). My friend Ed Maibach at George Mason Univ. sent me the data below today. Most folks now understand that the science is overwhelming when it comes to climate, but Mr. Smith who is (cough,cough) the chair of the House of Rep. Science Comm is one of the 11%. Dr. Phil Plait has more about his nutty world of conspiracies here.

Click image for more info on this study. Keep in mind though that how many accept the reality of it matters little to the scientific fact of it.

Click image for more info on this study. Keep in mind that the public’s perception makes no difference to the scientific results.