6 May 2016

Smoke from Alberta Wildfire Reaches Florida

Posted by Dan Satterfield

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Smoke from the Alberta wildfire drifted across Canada and then got caught in the circulation around a strong upper low over Maryland, which routed it into Florida. NASA Aqua Satellite pass on Friday.

The image below is also from the Aqua satellite on Friday and the smoke from the fires is clearly visible.

Click image for larger version.

Click image for larger version.

The Suomi Satellite has an imager capable of night time images and the CIMMS Satellite blog at the Uni. of Wisconsin just posted this image from Suomi:


Night visible image showing the fires in Alberta. Ctsy. CIMMS/NASA

Looking at the forecast, it looks like a cool front will bring some rain later Sunday, but amounts will be light, and winds will increase ahead of and especially behind the front. Wind gusts to 20 knots are likely over the weekend and perhaps 30 knots by Monday. See image below which shows model forecast of wind gusts at sunrise Monday.


Below is another view of the smoke in Florida from the SUOMI Satellite, and you can trace it from Canada, around the Upper low in Maryland, to Central Florida. 

Click image for much larger version with a 1km resolution.

Click image for much larger version with a 1km resolution.