17 March 2016

Irish Sunshine from Belfast to New York

Posted by Dan Satterfield

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The weather in Ireland was sunny today, but highs only reached 7 degrees C or about 45 F.

St. Patrick’s Day is not as big a deal in Ireland as it is in America, but it was an unusually nice early spring day there today. Most of the sunshine was in the UK portion, (Northern Ireland) but most areas saw plenty of sun. The weather in New York City for the famous parade was much warmer, with sunshine and temps. near 16C (60F). Images are from the NASA Aqua Satellite, and are true color.

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Across the Mid-Atlantic, you can see some of the fog burning off over the Delaware Bay, but it turned into a beautiful spring afternoon! Some spotty (but briefly heavy) showers have developed over Pennsylvania, as a cold front moves southward. The cold air aloft may even bring some hail to some areas.

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