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14 March 2016

Coo Coo for Cocorahs

Do you know what cocorahs is? Many of your neighbors do. Thousands of folks across the U.S. report rainfall each day using a specially designed gauge. The gauge cost around 30$ and is VERY accurate. These rain and snow reports are used for river flood warnings, forecasting, and climate data, and are very important. You can find out more here:


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NASA: February Temperatures Hottest Ever

  NASA has released the February global temperature data, and the rumors that it would smash the record set just last month by an incredible margin are true. The global temp. was 1.35C above the average of 1951-1980. This passes last month’s record of 1.14C above that average. The overwhelming opinion of experts is that any rise above 2 degrees C will bring unexpected and serious consequences to our climate …


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