6 June 2015

Amazing Greenland

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Northern Greenland, my photo from July 2010.

Northern Greenland, my photo from July 2010.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Greenland twice, and it is truly a place of amazing beauty. A friend who lives just a couple of blocks away from me here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland just got back from the 2015 operation Ice Bridge mission where the video below is from.

Ice Bridge is filling in data on the changes in the ice sheets to cover the loss of satellite data, and actually gets even better data, just over a smaller area. Using laser altimeters, and other instruments, the aircraft is able to get amazingly precise measurements of very small changes in the ice. More on Ice Bridge here. Enjoy the video of Greenland’s “magnificent desolation” (First words of the second man to walk on the Moon) below.