24 December 2014

The Earth From Space on Christmas Eve

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Here are some full disk satellite images from around the world on this Christmas Eve. This is an IR image from GOES East.

From the GOES (NOAA)

From the GOES (NOAA)

This is a visible light image from the European Meteosat, in almost true color.

2014_12_24_1500_MSG3_16_S2_gridVisible light image from Meteosat VISSIR over India:

2014_12_24_900_MET7_1_S2_gridand the latest IR image from the GOES West Satellite- Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center here in Maryland.

latestfull (1)

Happy Holidays to you wherever you are on our small spinning fragment of solar driftwood!

I always like to watch Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot on this day.