24 September 2014

Answers To The Climate Questions TV Meteorologists Get Asked The Most

Posted by Dan Satterfield

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My good friend Meteorologist Paul Gross, at WDIV-TV in Detroit, decided to do something very few on air weathercasters have done: he directly addressed climate change in a station webcast. Paul was my predecessor as chairman of the AMS Committee on Station Science (he actually started the committee), and he and I care deeply about using our positions to give viewers accurate science information.

Many on air weathercasters shy away from the subject because people have strong preconceived ideas, and they are afraid of angering/losing viewers. I have long thought this to be a big mistake, and Paul is proof that giving people sound science (and leaving policy out of it ) is a good formula. Viewers appreciate getting unbiased facts, and while there is a certain segment of the population who base their scientific views on what they believe politically, many do not. I know that the public in general is confused about what the real science says about climate change, because any meteorologist can predict the first ten questions they will be asked about the subject!

You can watch the webcast in two parts below. They had so many questions, they actually went longer than planned. Paul is planning on doing this again soon, and I think it is such a good idea, I am considering it here as well.
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You can see the rest of the webcast here: http://www.clickondetroit.com/weather/global-warming-webcast-tuesday-at-1230-pm/28199104