21 July 2014

The Only Thing More Amazing Than The Moonwalk 45 years Ago Tonight

Posted by Dan Satterfield

5931Exactly 45 years ago tonight, everyone who could see a TV, was in front of one. The clip below is the actual coverage from CBS News that evening. You can actually watch all of the Moonwalk online, and if you were not born yet, I highly recommend you do so. A lot of folks do not realize that when the camera came on (and a lot of folks doubted it would!) that the picture was upside down. A billion people on Earth turned their heads upside down to see that fuzzy gray image of Neil Armstrong’s boot coming down the ladder.

The only thing more amazing to me than that day, is the stunning fact we have never returned after Apollo. From Alan Shepherd to the ISS, NASA has spent less than the U.S Defense department spends in 6 months. In 1969, we had the best road system in the world, and the most modern airports.

We don’t anymore.