11 February 2014

Another Snowstorm Heads For The East Coast But The World Is Still Warming

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Click the pic to read the NYT story.

Click the picture to read the NY Times story.

It looks like another major storm will dump heavy snow from North Carolina to New York Wednesday into Thursday, but it really means very little in regard to climate change. A few of those who think it’s all a big conspiracy will email meteorologists and climatologists with snide remarks like “How’s that global warming” going for you!”, but the only thing a statement like that indicates is how little the person who made it understands weather and climate. I think it’s a good sign that the attempts to educate the public on climate change are actually succeeding based on the fact that you hear this much less often now.

My friend Bob Henson at the National Center For Atmospheric research is quoted in an excellent piece in the New York Times on Tuesday, It’s well worth a read. Print it out and hand it to the next person who gives you a silly remark about climate change on a cold and snowy day!

Click the image above to read the NYT piece.