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19 October 2013

Apollo 13: A Very Delayed Movie Review

A lot of science blogs have mentioned the science errors in the film Gravity recently, but this is a movie review on Ron Howard’s Apollo 13. Yes, I know the film came out 18 years ago, but better late than never! You see Gravity is a made up story, and while the errors are pretty egregious, I do not think it matters as much, because after all, it is a …


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Improving Weather Forecasts

I mentioned this subject in the previous post about my talk at the AGU in Washington, and now Rand Corporation has an interesting piece about the subject as well. I’m convinced that the biggest problem with weather forecasts to the public is not their accuracy, but in the delivery and interpretation. Educating meteorologists (and the public), is perhaps more important than actually improving our numerical weather prediction capability! The delivery …


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