9 October 2013

St Louis Meteorologists Cindy Prezler and Mike Roberts Tell It Like It Is

Posted by Dan Satterfield

 Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.29.12 PMI know of several broadcast meteorologists (mainly in deeply red states) who will not say anything about climate change, or are even forbidden from it on air. Then you have those that have embarrassed themselves by making some rather silly claims (like there is too little co2 in the atmosphere to affect the planet’s temperature etc.). With that in mind, it’s very refreshing to see what Meteorologists Cindy Preszler and Mike Roberts have done at KSDK in Saint Louis. They put together an in-depth special on what the folks in St. Louis can expect in coming decades, and it was based on solid peer-reviewed science.

You can watch the special by clicking on the image above.

For those that would rather have a comforting lie rather than science, there’s always this guy: