14 June 2013

Stormy Night In The Mid- Atlantic

Posted by Dan Satterfield

From the Twitter Account "US Capitol". Tornadoes were reported near BWI Airport as well.

Forecasters (Including me here on Delmarva) had a busy day from North Carolina to DC and Baltimore, as severe thunderstorms brought high winds to the area. Winds gusted to 68 mph near the Bay Bridge at Stevensville in Maryland, and the bridge was closed for a while due to the high winds.

Pic below is from Cape Henlopen near Lewes in Delaware. Much of the Delmarva Peninsula saw winds over 50 mph. Just west of me here in Salisbury, MD., a gust to 74 mph was recorded as a severe storm came ashore from across the Chesapeake Bay near Bishops Head.

From Christopher Stroll.

…and Charlotte Meteorologist Brad Panovich (and all around smart guy and excellent photographer) was hit by a trap door on the roof of WCNC-TV while taking pics of the storms. Three staples and a trip to the hospital…

Hazard of being a weather geek. I once strapped myself to a chimney in Oklahoma City to grab some great shots of a tornado…