6 June 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea Threatens East Coast With Flooding Rains

Posted by Dan Satterfield

72 hour rainfall forecast from NOAA's NCEP.

Andrea is stronger this afternoon and late-model runs continue to track it NE across the Carolinas, and right over my home here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Winds are going to be gusty (perhaps over 40 knots in gusts), but rainfall is far and away the bigger threat. June tropical storms happen in the Atlantic Basin every other year or so, but Andrea may be a storm that is remembered for affecting millions along its track.

The NEXRAD Doppler at Tallahassee confirms 60 knot sustained winds at 2500 meters. Andrea will turn extratropical by the time it reaches the Delmarva Peninsula, and winds may still reach gusts over 35 knots.

Latest tracks from models and visible satellite from CIMMS at U Wisconsin below:

Track models are now all in very close agreement on the track so confidence is high. Timing of the track is not quite as certain but I’d still rank it above average.