9 April 2013

Bob Brier Turns Ancient History Into Must See TV

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Are you looking for a project you can do with your kids or perhaps an elderly parent that will enrich your lives and leave a lasting impression?? I have a suggestion.

I’ve just finished watching 48 lectures on the History of Ancient Egypt. The professor was Dr. Bob Brier of Long Island University, and to say they were fantastic would be an understatement. I bought them though The Great Courses, and let me say right away, this is not a paid commercial. I paid a fair price for the courses, and I know no one at the company.

The Great Courses find the best professors from around the country ,and have them record their lectures for anyone to watch or listen. I’ve gotten several of their courses and they are really great. No grades or tests, but a ton of knowledge and hours of enjoyment. History from 45 centuries ago might sound like a really boring subject to you, but let me tell you this series of 48 lectures will knock your socks off. You will be truly sad when you finish them, and it will be knowledge to share between you and your family from now one.

More so, when you visit a museum with Egyptian artifacts, you will actually know what you’re looking at!

You will also learn a lot about how we know what we know about ancient Egypt and some of Dr. Briers scientific work to understand how mummification worked. Science and history together…can you beat that!

Fair warning, this course is not cheap but they have a big sale a couple of times per year and you can get it for about 70% off. Believe me, You will thank me and Dr. Brier deserves every penny in royalties he receives. Just in case,  Dr. Brier reads this, I want him to know that he has to be one of the greatest professors working in America. You sir are truly amazing and your students are so very lucky. You deserve every teaching award for college professors out there!

Thank you for enlightening my world.



Above is my name DAN in Hieroglyphs.

PS Dr. Alex Filippenko’s Intro to Astronomy is also fantastic. They are the two best courses they have IMHO.