16 February 2013

Boston Weather Legend Harvey Leonard on the Great Blizzard and Climate Change

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I see Harvey Leonard once a year at the AMS Broadcast Conference and I can tell you that he has the respect of every meteorologist who works in TV. He is a household name in Boston, and over the years when I’ve been asked for a forecast for Boston, I always note at the end to “Turn on Harvey Leonard on the local news while your there, you will get the best forecast possible.

Because climate change is such a political issue these days, a lot of on air meteorologists ignore it completely. Ignoring a major weather related science story, because a minority of people think it’s a hoax, is not only lousy journalism, it’s irresponsible.
What we do about climate change is a difficult political question, but responsibly reporting the science behind it is a crucial obligation of all meteorologists. I think our viewers deserve the true scientific facts. No more, and no less.

That’s what Harvey Leonard gave his viewers.