12 January 2013

Dr. Richard Alley at the AGU- Well worth a watch!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Dr. Richard Alley is one of those few scientists who really connect with the public. He was asked to do the Bjerknes lecture at the AGU meeting in San Francisco last month and it’s an hour of good plain-spoken climate science from a real expert in paleoclimate. I did enjoy the loony letter he shared at the beginning of the lecture. Anyone who works in the science field gets these (I have a real collection I will share sometime). They usually come in all caps and have no paragraphs;).

The latest U.S. Climate Assesment report is out in draft form and you should at least read the executive summary. That part of for politicians and therefore any one can understand it (except perhaps for some of the science committee members in the U.S House of Representatives!).

I am just starting to read it, but I saw a couple of images worth sharing:

"It's the CO2 stupid" might be a good name for this one!

and precipitation changes over the past two decades compared with earlier in the last century…