18 December 2012

NOAA Announces Astounding Planetary Heat Record

Posted by Dan Satterfield


NASA data shows that November 2012 globally was the second warmest on record, surpassed only by 2010. NOAA keeps a second record and has November 2012 as 5th warmest. NOAA also announced that this past climatological autumn (Sep-Nov) was the second warmest on record and that this is (astonishingly) the 333 month in a row with global temps. above the 20th century average.

The USA is on track for the warmest year on record and globally it looks like 2012 will be at least the eighth warmest on record. what is even more astounding is the ratio of record highs to record lows for the past year. Record highs have been outpacing record lows by two to one for several years now but in 2012 the ratio reached nearly 5 to 1!

From NOAA.

At the American Geophysical Union Meeting two weeks ago in San Francisco, Ray Pierre Humbert explained how we know WHY this is happening (and how we know it is not a natural cycle). I highly recommend watching it. (Especially my fellow broadcast meteorologists.)