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8 May 2012

Climate Change: It’s Not About the Politics

“Is it possible that a synthesis of all the world’s climate scientists is wrong about the science they spend their lives studying, and your favorite political commentators are right? Certainly it is. It’s probably not very likely, but if it does turn out to be the case, then the synthesis will evolve in the direction that pans out through experimentation and observation, and future IPCC reports will be even closer …


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Are Helmets A Good Idea During Tornado Warnings? Well Duh!!

Russell Lewis at National Public Radio had an interesting report about wearing helmets during tornado warnings a few days ago and it caught my eye, because I’ve been telling viewers to do just that since the early 1990’s. Not only, that but I’ve also pushed the idea of making sure everyone has shoes on and a safe place to run to if the winds start to pick up. Frankly, I’m …


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