21 April 2012

Asperatus Over Chincoteague

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Chincoteague Light. Dan's pic.

Chincoteague Island on the eastern shore of the Delmarva Peninsula is famous for its wild ponies. they’ve roamed the island or centuries and the present ponies may be descendants from a doomed ship that sank near shore in the 17th century. It’s also famous for some incredible scenery and a beautiful lighthouse that was rebuilt during the Lincoln Administration.

It is not famous for ASPERATUS CLOUDS but the pic above shows a beautiful display of them on Wed. 17 April. When I walked into the station on Wednesday, I stopped and noticed the sky. I thought I saw some hints of Asperatus clouds and intended to look out again in an hour but I got busy forecasting and forgot about it.

Until 11:15 PM that is. Just before my late on air weathercast on WBOC, the viewer picture of the day was shown and the question asked “are these clouds for real? I knew without looking they were! Then I looked!

Allen Sklar of Chincoteague took this pic and he sent me the original as well. I have written before about Asperatus here. They are the newest official cloud type and if you are not a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, you should really geek up and join!