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16 March 2012

Khan Academy Launches iPad App.

I have mentioned Khan Academy several times here, and there is some news about it today. They have launched an iPad app. If you have a student in your family, or you just want to learn a little real science for yourself, then I cannot say enough about how great it is. Best of all it is free. I understood some calculus concepts that had always eluded me thanks to …


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15 March 2012

Surging Seas- New Report on Sea Level Rise

Well worth a read- The experts in the field are now thinking a one meter rise in sea level by the end of the century. The effects of this will vary greatly from place to place and this report makes an attempt to look at just this question. Teachers, this would make a great class project or discussion.     Executive Summary Courtesy Climate Central Global warming has raised sea …


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11 March 2012

This Time NASA Really Is Making Chemtrails

NASA is going to put on a real sky show in a couple of weeks, for those on the east coast from New Jersey to South Carolina. Residents of the Delmarva Peninsula will get an especially good view as 5 rockets are launched to explore jet stream winds at the edge of space. Even better, the launch is going to take place at NASA’s Wallops Island test range which is …


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10 March 2012

The Hubble Deep Field in 3D

I cannot get enough of Hubble images. A Facebook friend spotted this from Deep Astronony and it’s well worth sharing. Enjoy the wonder… Oh, and while we are talking space…the LRO got another shot of the Apollo 15 landing site the other day. Yes, we really did go there, no matter what your Uncle Ralph says. When will we go back…


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8 March 2012

New Beginnings By The Chesapeake

After over 19 years in Alabama, I have moved to Maryland, and started this week as the Chief Meteorologist for WBOC TV in Salisbury, MD. We are still living in boxes, but I will have a post or two up over the weekend. I spent the day today in the chopper and below are a couple of shots of Delmarva from the air. The pictures are of Assateague Island National …


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4 March 2012

Tracks Of The Rotating Supercells On Friday

  Below are the severe weather reports received by the Storm Prediction Center (NOAA) in Norman.   .. and the actual warning shy country compared with the mega outbreak on April 27,2011. A hat tip to TN Valley Storm Trackers for spotting the above.


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3 March 2012

Marysville, Indiana destroyed by twister. Midwest death toll at 18 and climbing.

Update Saturday 3 March: the death toll is now at 37 and never before have so many tornadoes been reported so early in March. Even though it is only the 3rd day of the month, it seems likely this will be  record breaking March. The storm survey for Madison County Alabama is here. The NWS in Louisville is surveying the Indiana and KY paths and should have an update soon …


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2 March 2012

Video of Tornado in North AL Today- March 2.

From youtube. More soon…


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Biggest Tornado Outbreak Since April 27th Today

    Much like on April 27th Alabama was hit by tornadoes in a line of thunderstorms well ahead of the main threat. There has been major damage in Limestone and Madison Counties and the track of the (EF 2?) tornado was very similar to the EF 5 track on 27 April. The Supercell index at the SPC is at the highest numbers I have seen since April 27th as …


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