30 March 2012

Minneapolis Meteorologist Paul Douglas Gets It Right

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I still hear some on air meteorologists say some surprisingly silly things about climate science and some have ended up looking rather foolish as well. The numbers of AMS seal holding meteorologists ( I am one of them) who believe that every major science body on Earth is wrong about climate are slowly dwindling. I was once a skeptic as well, but after  spending the time to look at the real science, it was obvious to me that I’d said some things in the past based not on science, but on preconceptions and or things I had read online (not a peer-reviewed science journal).

Paul Douglas is a household name in Minneapolis and worked as an on air meteorologist there and in other cities for many years. He has an excellent piece in Huffington Post that is well worth reading. How you feel about climate change should not be based on your political affiliation, it should be based on the scientific facts. As I am so fond of repeating “The laws of physics are real, everything else is politics.” (Neil de Grasse Tyson)


Click to read what Paul had to say.