24 December 2011

Happy Christmas from Above and Beneath an Oklahoma Sky

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Comet Lovejoy from the ISS. It has surprised astronomers by NOT burning up after passing the sun. The view from the ISS is stunning.

There is a great video from the ISS as well below. Take a look at a comet rise. NASA has more on it here.

Last, but not least, the white barked sycamore trees are beautiful beneath a deep blue Oklahoma winter sky.

Sycamore trees against the blue sky in Oklahoma City, OK. 3 PM Christmas Eve.

The only Christmas gift I can give to everyone who drops by here is a photo. So, below is something you perhaps might like as a screen saver, two images of Antarctica. You can click on them and get the full resolution to use as a desktop background or a wall print.

Happy Christmas to you, wherever you may be.

Adele Penguins on an ice flow by Ross Island, Antarctica

Mt. Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica. Erebus is an active volcano, and you can see the sparkling ice caves on its slopes when you watch Frozen Planet (BBC).