22 November 2011

Spooky: Today’s Weather Is Amazingly Similar To 22 Nov. 1963

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The map below is the 500 millibar chart for 22 Nov. 1963.


Winds and pressure at 500 mb on 22 Nov. 1963. NOAA Daily weather map archive.


The new chart uses a different scale with fewer lines but this does not change the shape of the flow.  A lifting short wave trough from Kansas City to Shreveport, with a weak ridge over the Southeast U.S. is apparent. Now look at the 500 mb flow for today, exactly 48 years later.

500 mb chart 22 Nov. 2011. Image ctsy. College of Dupage Meteorology Dept.

Below are the surface charts from 1963 and today. The cold front is very nearly in the same place as it was at 1 PM on that afternoon in 1963. A band of rain and thunder moved through Dallas in the early morning hours of Friday Nov. 22nd. The rain ended around midnight this morning at DFW.



Surface map from 1963 at Noon. Just 30 minutes before President Kennedy was assassinated.

Surface map at Noon CST today. From NOAA

The weather does indeed repeat itself. Update: Before any conspiracy theorists try to make something out of nothing, watch this off the NY Times website.