12 September 2011

Remains of Katia Hit Ireland and UK

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Meteosat at Noon GMT (ctsy Univ. of Dundee Scotland). Click for much larger image.

The remains of Hurricane Katia have brought gales gusting to near hurricane force across the northern areas of the UK today. The UK Met Office has several severe weather warnings up. A close friend in Wales reports a very windy and wet day. The BBC has more here. In spite of the cold water that Katia passed over, it takes awhile for these systems to spin down and it long ago turned extra-tropical. You  might be surprised to know that this is not that unusual an event for the UK in the early autumn.

Note: The Meteosat has more channels than the U.S. GOES weather satellites and it is possible to make a semi-true colour (See the comment below from Robert Simmon at NASA) visible image like that above. They use two visible channels (actually one visible, one near IR and one short wave IR) at wavelengths of .6,.8 and 1.6 microns. GOES R (scheduled to be launched in 2015) will have similar channels and some new ones as well.