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24 August 2011

Category Three Irene Plows Through Bahamas

  It’s  been said that if weather satellites could only see hurricanes, they would still be worth ten times the cost. The image below is from GOES (courtesy NASA Goddard) and is remapped on the “NASA blue marble” background. Beware that it’s a huge image! The latest NWP models are all in close agreement for the next three days and indicate that Irene will pass very near the Outer Banks …


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Quake Waves Travel Across U.S. and Irene Strengthens

Callan Bentley over at Mountain Gateway here on the AGU Blogosphere has the best post on the net about the quake in VA. I saw the link to this video in the comments section, and it’s well worth a view. It’s from the Iris Transportable Array. First the quake and now possibly a hurricane? NWP Guidance this evening is indicating that Irene may skirt the Outer Banks and then come …


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