18 August 2011

Sweden Cancels Lease on McMurdo Icebreaker

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I shot this pic of the icebreaker slowly approaching McMurdo in Jan 2010.

McMurdo Base, Antarctica is located where it is, because it is as far south as you can get a ship in for resupply a couple of times per year. Every year the ice breaker breaks up the ice, and a ship with tons of food and science supplies arrives. It carries back all the waste (virtually none is allowed to stay in Antarctica).

Going to the restroom at a field camp involves coming out of the one-holer, with a plastic bag in hand, to be deposited in a closed barrel (I speak from experience). The trash from Antarctica goes to Port Huneme, California by the way; a little factoid for your next cocktail party!

SCIENCE has more here.