15 August 2011

NOAA- July 7th Warmest on Record Globally;NASA Ranks It 3rd.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The NCDC has the July data out today and it was the 7th warmest on record,while NASA GISS (using slightly different methods) data has July at the 3rd hottest on record.


  • The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for July 2011 was the seventh warmest on record, at 16.37°C (61.43°F), which is 0.57°C (1.03°F) above the 20th century average of 15.8°C (60.4°F).
  • The July worldwide land surface temperature was 0.84°C (1.51°F) above the 20th century average of 14.3°C (57.8°F)—the fifth warmest July on record.
  • The worldwide ocean surface temperature was 0.47°C (0.85°F) above the 20th century average of 16.4°C (61.5°F)—the 11th warmest July on record.
  • Neither El Niño nor La Niña conditions were present during July 2011. According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue into the Northern Hemisphere fall 2011.
  • For the year-to-date, the global combined land and ocean surface temperature of 14.31°C (57.82°F) was the 11th warmest January–July period on record. This value is 0.51°C (0.92°F) above the 20th century average.

An eyeball look at the UAH satellite temps. seems to show similar results, (since 1979 only of course) and the Remote Sensing folks July temp. anomalies show very clearly the intense heat wave over the Southern Plains of North America.

From RSS: http://www.remss.com/msu/msu_data_description.html


from UAH Huntsville- http://vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/