2 August 2011

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Reaches 110° at Solar Noon (1 PM CDT)

Posted by Dan Satterfield


Max temps. as on 1: 10 PM from the Okla. Mesonet. The Bartlesville airport (not shown) reached 110°. Today may turn out to be one of the hottest days ever recorded in the Sooner State.

Take a look at the IR GOES image below, and you can clearly see where the hottest ground is. Keep in mind that the thermal IR satellite surface temps. are a combination of trees and grass etc., but it’s still a good look at the areas that will see the worst of the heat today.


Image from NASA MSFC here in Huntsville.

The amazing heat is even more amazing when you look at the data compiled by the National Climate Data Center.


77 stations set all time record highs over the past 30 days. Compare with the number of stations that set all time record lows.(from NOAA-NCDC)

The daily records below are just as incredible.

Daily temperature records from NCDC. Notice how the record highs far outpace the record lows and have been for over a year. They have actually been doing it for over a decade.